dolcekatiana (dolcekatiana) wrote in benefit_sf,

Boi-ing and You Rebel Lite

Hey ya'll! Im new here so I just wanted to say hello :)
and... I have a few questions about some products Im thinking about picking up!

1) Boi-ing~ I first tried it out in BeneFit's Big Beautiful Eyes kit and fell in love. BUT, after about a year I started to get dehydration lines. Question #1) Has anyone had a similar experience and if so did you find a way to make this concealer work for you? I came to the conclusion that Boi-ing is very moist when you first purchase it but it starts to dry up over time. So I stopped using it and my dehydration lines started to get better, but I was super bummed because I absolutely loved my Boi-ing. Since then Ive tried a lot of other concealers and I have yet to find something that even comes close to Boi-ing. Soo... I got BeneFit's fall catalogue in the mail and noticed that they've changed the packaging for Boi-ing. Question #2) Does the new packaging do anything to help keep the concealer from drying out? Id really love to try it again, but I dont really want to risk the dehydration lines again.

2) You Rebel Lite~ Im an NW30 in MAC. Does anyone have a picture of how this product looks on someone with a similar skintone? Im thinking about switching up my face routine and replacing my current foundation with this. But some MUA reviews talked about You Rebel being really orange and I definitely don't want to look like an oompa-loompa.

Thanks for taking the time to read my questions... any help would be appreciated. :)

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