Kat (tehkatt) wrote in benefit_sf,

Maybe Baby

I recently bought the Maybe Baby scent after months and months of deliberation and was so excited to use it. But when I brought it home, I found out that I'd spray it on and it's gone 2 hours into my day! It's driving me mad and I'm so close to returning it, because while I don't want to stink of perfume all day, what's the point of wearing it if it's disappears so soon?

I might be crazy but I remember when I tried it back in Fall 2005, it was a lot stronger, I tested it on my wrists at Sephora and went shopping for hours, and when I got home at night I could still smell it on me. Now, I walk out the door and as soon as I get to school, it's barely audible.

So question, did they change the formula or something for 2006 and how do you get the scent to stick to your skin for a decent amount of time if you do use this fragrance. Thanks.
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