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Eyeshadow question...

Hey guys. I am new to the community and Benefit. I've been eyeing up "Hey Bellboy" and "Marry Me Please" for a while. I was wondering does anyone here have them or has used their eyeshadows before? How is the pigment and shimmer factor? I love shimmery eyeshadows.

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i have used many of their eyeshadows and my best friend owns hey bellboy. i thought it was going to be purple-y, but it is really very maroonish. if youre looking for something with a bluer tone, go for best in show.

i like their shadows, but i pair them with fyeye because it is a great base and my shadows tend to crease and wear easily.

ok thanks. yeah my shadow creases too...i use urban decay's primer potion. it helps alot.
I have both-- in fact they're two of my favorite eyeshadow colors Benefit offers. I like Marry Me Please's pigment, it's not too sheer like so many other white eyeshadows and it layers easily, I wear it frequently as a browbone highlighter or for a mod look. Hey Bellboy is great for a non-traditional smokey look- a nice change of pace from black/grey shadows. I agree with what tiajuanabible said about the actual shade, it's definitely not purply, it's more of a brown-base-- I have brown eyes, and I really like that color with them.

Neither are very shimmery, but they aren't totally flat, either. For shimmer, I LOVE Urban Decay's shadows.
use the eye primer, fy..eye in order to get a bolder color and no creasing. Other options in really popping benefits color are using the cream shadows. both nina's nugget and naughty feather are awesome neutral bases you can wear with any shade....ninas nugget, buckle bunny , and hey bellboy look great as a combo....but you may want to check em out fast....benefit is looking to reformulate their colors very soon. you may not find the color you were once looking for in the next six months....