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Maybe Baby

I recently bought the Maybe Baby scent after months and months of deliberation and was so excited to use it. But when I brought it home, I found out that I'd spray it on and it's gone 2 hours into my day! It's driving me mad and I'm so close to returning it, because while I don't want to stink of perfume all day, what's the point of wearing it if it's disappears so soon?

I might be crazy but I remember when I tried it back in Fall 2005, it was a lot stronger, I tested it on my wrists at Sephora and went shopping for hours, and when I got home at night I could still smell it on me. Now, I walk out the door and as soon as I get to school, it's barely audible.

So question, did they change the formula or something for 2006 and how do you get the scent to stick to your skin for a decent amount of time if you do use this fragrance. Thanks.
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try using the lotion with it, which helps. also, i tend to use the bathina body wash which smells a lot like it, so layering the scent helps.
i don't smell *any* perfume on me after a few minutes. my nose becomes completely used to it and i literally smell nothing. however, other people do smell it on me and have complimented me hours later. why not ask someone if they can smell the perfume on you or not after a couple hours? it could be the case that your nose has aclimated and is tuning it out.
I've worn other perfumes before, Clinque Happy Heart, Chanel Allure for a year apiece and I could always smell it on me throughout the day. I use way less of each than Maybe Baby and especially the Clinque one, I could go well into the night and still tell it was on me. Trust me with Maybe Baby, there is a HUGE difference

I asked a friend the other day to smell my neck and he couldn't find anything. Then I told him to smell my hair (I deliberatly sprayed it on) and he could catch a faint glimpse but not much. And I sprayed very liberally that morning, more than I ever dared to use with Clinque or Chanel.
kooky. i dont have any issue with my bottle of maybe baby, but i got it in 2k5, not this year. i couldnt imagine they changed the formula, but i can imagine a bad batch being produced. that sort of thing does happen now and again. i would take it back for a new bottle. tell the girl at the benefit counter what happens.
I've never once smelled a perfume on me after a few minutes, actually. I definitely agree, ask someone else if they can smell it on you. I actually don't really think you're even supposed to be able to smell it on yourself after awhile because you do aclimate to the smell, and if you can still smell it hours later, chances are that you've used too much. I know I've read that more than once. Hence the whole popularity of the "spray and walk away" thing they say on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. ;)

It's frustrating not to be able to smell yourself, but I think perfume/cologne is really for other people, not yourself. It's mostly just fun when you apply it. I agree, try adding in Bathina or the Touch Me Then Try To Leave Me cream (whatever it's called) into your routine you so get more olfactory fun. :)
No, I totally agree, it wears off so quickly. I don't really want to layer it with the body lotion, because I prefer to wear a different lotion which I put on before bed, but I wish they would make an eau de parfum or a parfum, rather than simply an eau de toilette, which is obviously much weaker.

I'm glad someone else has the same issue - and I've been wearing Maybe Baby since autumn '04 and it's always seemed relatively weak to me - I just wear a lot of it. It's quite a faint scent anyway, which is why I like it - don't want a strong scent, but I do want it to last, you know?
So they didn't change the formula this year? Since you've been using it since 2004, it seems to have always been a problem.

I LOVE how Maybe Baby smells but this problem is really getting to me. If they had a eau de parfum, that would be absolutely ideal.
Yeah, it's always been a problem for me.

Agreed. We should suggest it!
everyone's skin will react differently to the same one scent - maybe the bottle you bought was older than the sample in the shop?